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Throughout her impressive decades-long career, Karen Anderegg was known as a generous mentor and a tireless advocate for women.  A longtime women's magazine executive recruited from the Editorship of ELLE, Karen became President of Clinique Laboratories Inc in 1987.  Among her many professional achievements, the inspiration and encouragement she provided to a legion of younger women may be the one that would have pleased her most.  

"After my first week at work, Karen sent me home for the weekend with a pile of taped interviews to transcribe and an armful of tulips.  That was so typical: She filled my arms with flowers, my head with inspiring possibilities and sent me out into the world to follow her example." - Linda Wells, Editor-in-Chief, Allure

"I am one of the many people who was touched so very positively by Karen.  She was always so upbeat and positive event under the most stressful circumstances, a wise and witty leader who also knew how to be a friend." - Doreen Olore Kelly

"She was a fearless mentor, a meticulous editor and a gift to a generation of young creative women." - Judy McGrath, Sony Music